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Winning the Fight Against Head Lice!


Winning the Fight Against Head Lice!

Best Buddies blog

Best Buddies blog

Tackling Bothersome Bugs!

We have all come across these little buggers. They come out of nowhere and bam, the next thing you know your head is literally crawling with insects! They can spread like a wild fire and if not controlled, the entire family will be itching in a matter of days…

Head lice are parasites that live in human hair and feed on their host’s blood. An adult louse can be as big as a sesame seed, but the eggs known as knits, are quite small and difficult to detect. They love to live behind your ears and right next to your hairline in your neck. So a good tip for mom is to look in those areas first.

Let’s look at a few myths and then explore how to eradicate these pests…

Lice Can Jump!

I’m not sure if they are able to hop from my head to yours, but they are extremely contagious. Any type of close contact, sharing belongings such as hats, beanies, brushes or even sleeping next to someone with lice puts you at risk.

Lice Like Dirty Hair!

It’s not true at all! In fact hygiene has nothing to do with getting them. Kids between the ages of 3 to 11 years get headlice regularly because of their school environment. Head lice do not spread any type of diseases, they are just a pest and can multiply super fast.

How Do I Know I Have Them?

  • Tickling sensation on the head
  • Frequent itching
  • Sores from scratching
  • Lack of sleep (head lice are active in the dark)
  • Visible lice when head is examined up close

How to Get Rid of Them!

Anybody with an active infestation of lice should get treated as soon as possible! All family members and friends who are in close contact will have to be checked. You can buy a lice kit at most pharmacies to treat the bugs or you can get an actual lice comb to brush those buggers and their eggs out. I recommend that you use lice shampoo or lice lotion to kill them all, but if you do not want to expose your kids to chemicals you can do a daily ritual called wet combing. Wet your child’s hair and add a lubricant like conditioner, olive oil, vinegar or cream rinse. Start combing the hair in small manageable parts looking carefully on the comb for any adult lice or knits. Combing sessions can take up to 60 minutes depending on how long and thick the hair is. It is suggested that you comb every 3 to 4 days for a minimum of two weeks to ensure all of them are gone! 


Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I know that many kids love chicken nuggets, and they are a great option for easy meals that are filled with nutrients including protein. And this homemade version also has sweet potato, for more flavour and nutrition.

If you start with ground chicken, rather than breast or thigh meat, you can get right to the mixing and shaping the nuggets, without any grinding or chopping of meat required.


-Ground chicken
-Sweet potato: You’ll want to use fully cooked homemade                                        mashed sweet potato
-Onion powder: This is optional for additional flavor


Here’s how to make this recipe so you know what to expect:

Cook your sweet potato before the time. You can do this a few days earlier and store it in an airtight container for the morning you plan to make these.
Mash the cooled potato.
Add the potato to a bowl with the ground chicken and salt. Add onion powder if you’d like.
Form into small balls, flatten slightly, and coat in breadcrumbs.
Place onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake for 20 to 30 minutes.

Finally grab a nugget and eat it quickly before your kids get hold of them!

I hope you learned something new today:) Stay tuned for more blogs to come!

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In the Cub Class your baby will be stimulated according to his /
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Our environment is secure, kept clean and sanitized throughout
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