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Best Buddies blog

Best Buddies blog

It's January

Welcome to a BRAND NEW Year and our first blog for 2022!

The holidays have come and gone, it’s back to work and back to school for most. I first want to welcome all our Buddies back who are starting in a new class with new teachers and secondly to all our brand new Buddies who have joined “our home away from home.”

Our New Classes!

Before I start writing any of my blogs, I want to introduce everybody to our team of amazing staff.

Meet our teachers and their classes!

The Cub Class

If your Buddie is starting in the Cub Class, they will be loved and cared for by teacher Noma and our two assistants Christina and Jessica. They enjoy singing nursery rhymes and introducing our cubs to so many new tactile experiences!

The Penguin Class

Teacher Nicole and assistants Patricia and Sylvia will keep your little penguin occupied with fun activities and loads of playtime.

The Bunny Class

Let’s give a big hop hop hoorayyy to teacher Cathy and assistant Sharlene for teaching our Bunny Buddies everything they need to know like building puzzles, counting past 10 and being creative with their art activities.

The Lion Class

The Buddies in the lion class are going to ROAR with excitement when teacher Florence and assistant Angelique starts teaching them all the new skills.

The Owl Class

Hoot hoot said said teacher Lea and assistant Zimmie when they welcomed our pre grade R class. By the end of this year all our Owl babies will spread their wings and fly to “big school!”

The Lambs Class

Welcome baaahhhck teacher Siya and assistant Linet said when their Buddies walked into the Lamb Class. This is our new class for very special Buddies who need just a little bit more attention to thrive.

Introducing our new faces at Best Buddies

Assistant Teacher Angelique

What are you passionate about?

I love working with children and I am a keen hairdresser!

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy spending time with my family as well as going to the beach or shopping with my daughter.

Tell us about your dreams for the future?

I want to travel the world! Oh and I would love to study further to become a qualified teacher.

What is your message to our Buddies?

I am going to do my best to be the teacher you can look up to one day. Maybe we meet again in the future if I finish my degree and teach high school kids.

Assistant Teacher Patricia

What are your favourite colours?

I love anything bright, like yellow. It reminds me of sunlight.

Why do you want to be a teacher?

I love children and enjoy watching them grow and learn.

Tell us your goals?

I want to become a great provider for my kids to improve all our lives.

What do you want to tell our buddies?

I love each and every one of you!

Our Co-Curricular and Extra-Muriel Activities:

It’s Time For Our First Recipe in 2022:

Simple Stir-Fry

Try this super easy stir-fry with chicken, veggies and noodles.

It’s great for small wannabe chefs who want to help in the kitchen and makes a super-fast meal for those busy weeknights.


500g vegetables such as carrots, baby corn, broccoli, courgettes, red peppers and cabbage or pak choi

1 tbsp rapeseed oil

1 garlic clove, sliced

1cm fresh ginger, grated

1½ tbsp reduced salt soy sauce

2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce (optional)

200g cooked  chicken breast (shredded)

200g egg noodles, cooked


Finely chop or slice the vegetables into pieces roughly the same size. Slice the carrots diagonally, slice the baby corn, cut the broccoli into small florets, then slice the stem, and finely slice the peppers, cabbage or pak choi. Heat the oil in a large frying pan or wok, then fry the garlic and ginger for 1 min.

Add the veg and toss to coat. Fry for 2-3 mins, then add the soy sauce and chilli sauce, if using, and mix well. Cook for 2-3 mins more until the veg is tender. Stir in the prawns, salmon or chicken and heat through.

Serve over the noodles.


Thank you for your support. I’ll be back next month, with more great stories, fun recipes and loads of information!

Our Sponsors

Cape Town

Do you want to make a difference in your community, Do you know about our Best Buddies Educational Trust? Learn more about this fantastic initiative that will help an underprivileged child from our local community get 3 daily meals, and a great start to life. Click here to see more.

Lizl Zandberg

Lizl is our friendly Administration Assistant and helps in the Penguins Class. Without this wonderful Best Buddies team-member , daily tasks would become a challenge.

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Cubs Class

Ages: 3 months - 1 year

In the Cub Class your baby will be stimulated according to his /
her age and according to your preferred schedule. There will be
ample time for sleeping, socializing and exploring this new and
wonderful world your baby is still adapting to.

Our environment is secure, kept clean and sanitized throughout
and will provide your little one with the utmost comfort.

Activities offered

• Tummy time play
• Sensory bottles and sensory bags
• Textured hula-hoops
• Ball pit
• Educational Toys
• Story time
• Music ring


Non-Refundable registration fee of R400
Deposit equal to one month of R2000
Monthly fee of R2000

Parents to Supply

  • Nappies.
  • Formula & bottles if applicable.
  • 1x complete set of clean clothes

Bunnies Class

Ages: 2 -3 years

In the Bunnies Class we provide an emotionally supportive
environment to optimize your child’s full potential. We strongly
focus on each child’s physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and
motor development needs while strengthening their
independence and communication skills.

Activities offered

 Class lesson and art activity according to weekly theme
• Free play (Indoor & outdoor)
• Educational Toys
• Story time
• Music ring
• Extramural activities offered: Manners for Minors / Playball / Karate / Dancing


Non-Refundable registration fee of R400
Deposit equal to one month of R3500 / R2500
Monthly Fee of R3500 full day / R2500 half day.

Parents to Supply

A bottle with water/ juice/milk according to your child’s preference
Comfort toy if applicable.
1x complete set of clean clothes