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Best Buddies Educare was established in 1986. Our Teachers are qualified and well trained to assist your child/children with the necessary tools to develop socially, emotionally, physically, creatively and intellectually.

Meet Our Amazing Team

  All of our staff are First-Aid trained.

Tasja White:

Tasja is a passionate Christian and also the owner and principal of Best Buddies Educare Centre. She holds a special place in her heart for each and every child in her care. Tasja’s goals for Best Buddies are to inspire little minds, to teach with great passion, to love without limits and to celebrate each Buddy’s milestones who enters through our school door. She is a wonderful team leader, a caring mother, our mentor, and a true friend.

Melissa Mitchell:

Melissa Mitchell is the new teacher of the Owl Class. She is a mom of four kids, three are her own and one she is fostering. She has been with Best Buddies for 13 years and realized that her true calling is working with the Pre-Grade R kids. She is kind, friendly, enjoys socializing, loves singing and of course spending time with her family. She adores her Owls and loves to be the substitute mommy to all the Buddies as soon as their mommies and daddies have to go to work.

Cathy Vlotman:

Cathy is our second in charge. She has been part of the Best Buddies team for more than 15 years and is proud to call herself a child of God. Se’s extremely enthusiastic, creative, loves teaching and enjoys watching her children thrive in their daily classroom routine. Cathy is great at overcoming challenges and can adjust to any situation where she might be needed. She loves travelling and the outdoors. She is dependable, reliable and dedicated, accomplishing any task that she is given. Cathy is caring, loves giving lots of hugs as well as reassuring the children and comforting them. She has a bubbly personality, a good sense of humour and is always willing to help anyone in need. There is a light that shines in her eyes and we are very blessed to have such a woman of strength as part of our team.

Florence Mitchell:

Florence is born and bred in Hout Bay. She teaches the Lions Class, has been part of the team for more than 10 years and is extremely passionate about shaping little minds. She is reliable, punctual, loving, funny and a caring person. Her hobbies include camping, playing sport, hiking and she loves the outdoors. She is a devoted Christian, and we could not have asked for a more dedicated person to be part of our family

Nicole King:

Nicole has been working at Best Buddies for 8 years and started off as an assistant teacher, today she is the teacher of the Cub Class. She enjoys the outdoors, loves catching fish and spending time with her two children and the rest of her family. Nicole is soft spoken, kind, and amazing with our babies. She is highly creative, which can be seen in the class activities, as well as arts and crafts. It is a great honour to have such a loving teacher as part of our Best Buddies team.

Sharlene Jantjies: Teacher

Sharlene is a teaching assistant at Best Buddies Educare Centre. She has a calm nature and a natural understanding when it comes to working with our little ones. Sharlene is a valuable member of our team, she enjoys going to new places and loves having a good time with friends and family. She is passionate about music, food, and dancing. Sharlene has a daughter and absolutely adores working with children.

Alzahn Adams::
Teaching Assistant

Alzahn is a mom of one little boy who is also at Best Buddies as she wanted the best school and the greatest education for him! She first started as a babysitter and moved up to tutoring children with special needs. She is very passionate about her job and can see how the kids creep out of their shell as the year continues and they become less shy. She enjoys being creative, spending time with her family and helping out as the assistant teacher in both the Cub and Penguin Class.

Jolene Carolus:
Aftercare Teacher

Jolene is our Bunny Class 1 – assistant teacher. She is married with 2 kids, and a granny of 1 little girl! She previously worked at Best Buddies for 25 years and her love for the school as well as her passion for the Buddies drew her back to begin a brand-new journey at Best Buddies. Her class focusses on the 18 months to 2-year group, and they keep her on her toes! Just the way she likes it!

Sylvia Xubusana:
Teaching Assistant

Sylvia is a teaching assistant in our Penguin Class. She is a mother of 6 and has 3 beautiful grandchildren. Sylvia loves life and lives it to the absolute fullest. She has more than 7 years experience in the ECD field and enjoys working with children. When Sylvia is around there is always music in the air with her singing her favourite tunes. She is an essential part of our team and we love having her at Best Buddies.

Noma Xaso:

Noma is an avid Christian. She has 3 children, is extraordinarily loving and incredibly caring. Noma is the teaching assistant of the second Bunny Class and has a passion for working with toddlers. She is “hands on”, enjoys doing activities with our little Penguins and playing with them. They all get loads of love and affection from her and there is hardly any tears when she is around. It is a wonderful privilege to have Noma on board the Best Buddies team.

Nomendu Macala:
Teaching Assistant

Nomendu comes from the Eastern Cape originally but moved to Cape Town to realise her dream to become a teacher. She is a mother of two boys and already a proud grandmother. She loves to go to church, spending time with her children and having fun as a family. She enjoys cooking and her favourite meal to prepare is chicken and veggies for Sunday lunch. She is passionate about her job and can’t wait to see all the smiles when she walks into the class. She has lots of love to give and she has plenty of hugs for every little one.

Nobantu Paliso:
Teaching Assistant

Nobantu studied at Edubuild finishing her NQF Level four (ECD) and is currently busy with her NQF Level 5 at ABA Health. She also has her higher certificate in Human Resource Management. She loves children, is passionate about teaching, enjoys reading and likes meeting new people. She is always challenging herself and expanding her knowledge. Her favourite colour is blue, and her best meal is Umngqusho. Most importantly , she is a born- again Christian.

Anasha September:
Teaching Assistant

Anasha is a 21-year-old Christian who began as a babysitter for her close family including nieces and nephews. She quickly realized that she loved children and can actually make a career out of her passion working with children. She's loving, kind, caring and enjoys reading as a hobby. She also loves to sing (only in the shower for now though.) As she notices every cub reaching another milestone growing into independent little human beings, she knows that she made the right choice to join the Cub Class as an Assistant Teacher!

Its not about smart children. It is about happy children who have the confidence and courage to learn and pursue things close to their heart."

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With the population explosion over the past couple of years in the Western Cape, the level of unemployment and poverty have increased and quality education in disadvantaged communities is problematic. It is this very need that Best Buddies Educational Trust will strive to address. In order to achieve the greatest long-term effect, it is critical to focus on the education of the foundation phase.

Best Buddies Educational Trust is a Non-Profit institution that offers sponsorships to underprivileged families to improve the lives of our future leaders of the Hout Bay community by ensuring their children receive the quality education that Best Buddies Educare Centre offers. We believe that the only solution to the challenges that we face in this country is to offer equal opportunity to quality education.

Our Teachers are about the future of our children.

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Cubs Class

Ages: 3 months - 1 year

In the Cub Class your baby will be stimulated according to his /
her age and according to your preferred schedule. There will be
ample time for sleeping, socializing and exploring this new and
wonderful world your baby is still adapting to.

Our environment is secure, kept clean and sanitized throughout
and will provide your little one with the utmost comfort.

Activities offered

• Tummy time play
• Sensory bottles and sensory bags
• Textured hula-hoops
• Ball pit
• Educational Toys
• Story time
• Music ring


Non-Refundable registration fee of R400
Deposit equal to one month of R2000
Monthly fee of R2000

Parents to Supply

  • Nappies.
  • Formula & bottles if applicable.
  • 1x complete set of clean clothes

Bunnies Class

Ages: 2 -3 years

In the Bunnies Class we provide an emotionally supportive
environment to optimize your child’s full potential. We strongly
focus on each child’s physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and
motor development needs while strengthening their
independence and communication skills.

Activities offered

 Class lesson and art activity according to weekly theme
• Free play (Indoor & outdoor)
• Educational Toys
• Story time
• Music ring
• Extramural activities offered: Manners for Minors / Playball / Karate / Dancing


Non-Refundable registration fee of R400
Deposit equal to one month of R3500 / R2500
Monthly Fee of R3500 full day / R2500 half day.

Parents to Supply

A bottle with water/ juice/milk according to your child’s preference
Comfort toy if applicable.
1x complete set of clean clothes